Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity 2004

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37. Tatianus, governor, restores the statue of Tatianus, PPO; verse



     τίς; πόθεν; ἐκ Λυκίης μέ[ν], | ἀριστεύσας δ' ἐνὶ θώκοις |
     Τατιανὸς θεσμοῖς τε δίκης | πτολίεθρα ξαώσας. vac. |
     (5) ἀλλά με πανδαμάτωρ χρόν[ος] | ὤλλυεν, εἰ μὴ ἐμὸς παῖς |
     ἐξ ἐμέθεν τρίτατος καὶ | ὁμώνυμος ἔργα θ' ὅμοιο[ς] |
5 ἐκ δαπέδων ἀνελὼν | (10) στήλης ἔπι θῆκεν ὁρᾶσθ̣[αι] |
     πᾶσιν ἀριζηλ̣ον ναέταις | ξίνοισει θ' ὁμοίως vac. |
     Καρῶν ἐκ γέης ὃς ἀπήλασε | λοίγιον ἄτην vac. |
     (15) τὴν δὲ δίκην μερόπεσιν | ὁμέστιον ὤπας ἐπεῖνα̣ι |
     πεμφθεὶς ἐκ βασιλῆος | ἔθ' ἁδομένοισιν ἀρωγός.


Who is this? From where? (I am) Tatianus from Lycia, who held the highest officies, and by just laws saved cities. But all-conquering time would have destroyed me if my child, of the third generation, who has the same name and similar achievements, had not lifted me up from the ground and set me on a monument, to be seen and admired by all, local inhabitants and strangers alike. (It is) he who drove deadly ruin from the land of the Carians, and gave justice to dwell among men, when he had been sent from the emperor as a defender for the people, who still rejoice.


References in the apparatus are to lines of the inscribed text, in the discussion to verses.

l. 7. Ν corrected from Μ.

l.10. ἐπὶ θῆκειν Peek; ἐπίθηκεν ALA; ἔπι θῆκεν Feissel. ὁπᾶσ[θαι] Robert.

l.15. μερόπεσ[σ]ιν Peek.

I. 16. Robert, with considerable reservations (loc. cit., 53 n. 3), wrote ὤπασε πείνᾳ, followed by Livrea, who suggests that the 'hunger' is the result of the poverty which marks an honest judge (45). Peek conjectured ὤπασ' ἐπεῖναι; Merkelbach suggested that πείνᾳ stood for ποινᾷ; we see a faint upright as the last letter in the line.

l. 18. ἐελδομένοισον Peek, Merkelbach.


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Boulanger, Notebook A, page 59


For the man honoured, Flavius Eutolmius Tatianus see PLRE I Tatianus 5, and the dedications for which he was responsible, 25, 26 and 27; the statue is put up by his descendant, another Tatianus, governor of Caria (see List of Governors, Tatianus). See discussion at IV.9.







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