Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity 2004

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The commentary is divided into sections, corresponding to the chapters of the first edition. Sections I-VI are organised chronologically, sections VII-XI thematically. The final chapter—XII—of the paper edition contained an edition of the edicts of Diocletian; these are currently being revised, and will appear later.

Index of Sections
Section I: Decius to Numerian, 250-284
Section II: Diocletian to the sons of Constantine, 284-350
Section III: Constantius II to Theodosius I, 350-395
Section IV: Arcadius to Theodosius II, 395-450
Section V: Marcian to Justin I, 450-527
Section VI: Justinian to Heraclius, 527-641
Section VII: Christian public inscriptions
Section VIII: Christian prayers and invocations
Section IX: Funerary texts
Section X: Public entertainments
Section XI: Place inscriptions and miscellaneous texts
Section XII: Imperial regulations





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