All identifiable inscriptions listed by category of text; items may have multiple categories.

1.503. Heading to decree
2.503. Decree of the koinon of Asia
2.506. Decree of honours by Plyareis for Agroitas Kallikratous
2.525. Fragments of a consolatory decree
8.3. Decree of Plarasa/Aphrodisias
8.26. Triumviral decree
12.19. a: Funerary inscription and b: consolatory decree
12.201. Decree of honours for Pereitas
12.205. Consolatory decree for Tatia Attalis
12.206. Decree of honours for Attinas Meliton
12.207. Consolatory decree , on death of Titus Antonius Lysimachos Grypos
12.309. Consolatory decree , on death of Apphia daughter of Timotheos
12.319. Decree of honours for Praxiteles son of Aristeas
12.605. Fragment from a decree
12.612. Decree of honours for Dionysios son of Papylos
12.704. Consolatory decree for three brothers
12.719. Decree of honours for Kallikrates son of Diogenes,pancratiast
12.803. Decree of honours for Aristokles Molossos
12.1015. Funerary copy of a consolatory decree
12.1104. Decree of honours for anonymous
13.124. Opening of a decree by the city and by the sacred victors
15.327. Second decree of the synod of athletes in honour of Kallikrates
1.6. Column dedication by Eumachos and Amias
1.109. Dedication to Aphrodite by Artemidoros
1.144. Dedication to Aphrodite, from Temple
?1.162. Fragment of dedication
2.110. i. Honours for Septimus Severus; ii. Building inscription of Antonius Priskos
?2.301. Fragment, possibly dedication
2.504. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
2.516. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
?2.531. Table/dish fragment: Dedication
?3.3. Building dedication to a god
3.4. i. Dedication to Patris by Zenon son of Euthymos and others; ii. The Phrygian Metropolis honours Alexandros, in verse
?4.108. Fragment, from caryatid dedication .
4.109. Dedication to Aphrodite
4.114. Sundial dedication
4.308. Dedication and restoration of statues after an earthquake, authorised by Trajan, undertaken by Kallikrates Grypos.
5.2. Column dedication to Demos by Artemon son of Adrastos
5.7. Dedication of a caryatid by Attalis
5.108. Dedication of image of the Hours by Zenon and Apphia
5.109. Dedication of image of the Hours by Zenon and Apphia
5.119. Dedication by Flavius Palladios
5.201. Column dedication to Patris by Attalos Andron son of Peritas
?5.203. Fragment, from caryatid dedication
5.206. Column dedication to Demos by Menippos Kodios and Papianos Kodios
5.207. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian by Pereitas Attalos
5.208. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian by Pereitas Attalos
5.209. Dedication of a caryatid by Claudia Seleukeia
5.211. Dedication of a caryatid by Claudia Apphia Chaeremonis.
5.302. Dedication (post mortem) by Flavius Zenon
7.2. Dedicatory poem
?8.208. Dedication of a relief
8.212. Dedication by Gaius Volousios, mime actor
?8.227. Dedication on behalf of Marsyas
8.256. Panel dedication with imperial reference
?8.257. Dedication
?8.262. Dedication (building inscription), to a saint
8.276. Dedicatory poem, church of SS. Barbara and Anastasia
?8.501. Altar dedication by Diogenes son of Damonikos
8.708. Altar dedication for Hadrian
9.111. Dedication to a benefactor
9.119. Dedication for Hadrian Soter
?9.126. Dedicatory poem
11.3. Dedication by Dionysios on behalf of Ammia
11.51. Dedication by Tiberius Claudius Apollonios Aurelianos
11.66. Dedication by Flavius Eusebios
11.105. Dedication by Kallikles son of Kallikles via his brother Molossos
?11.203. Fragment of an altar dedication
?11.206. Dedication by Antipatros son of Artemidoros
?11.513. Dedication by M.. Fl. Antonius Lysimachos
12.108. Dedication for Emperors and Caesars
12.204. Dedication of statues by Artemidoros Pedisas
12.305. Dedication by M. Iulius Attalos, imperial freedman, to Aphrodite, the imperial house, and the Senate and People of Rome.
12.404. Building dedication s, by Antipatros and by Dionysios, to Demos
12.405. Building dedication to Demos
12.406. Building dedication to Demos
12.407. Building dedication to Demos
12.408. Building dedication to Demos
12.503. Building dedication to Demos
12.505. Building dedication to Demos
12.506. Building dedication to Demos
12.638. Dedication to Hypnos by high-priest and priest of Asklepios
12.703. Dedication of trapeza by Kallikrates son of Molossos
?12.712. Dedication by Euphron son of Archimedes
12.1001. Dedication to Constantius II and a Caesar by Fl. Quint. Eros Monaxios
?12.1207. Fragment from dedication.
13.116. Restoration, by Kallikrates of the dedication made by his ancestors
13.119. Votive dedication by children of Hermias
13.402. Dedication of a foundation by Titus Aelius ]dianos
13.503. Building dedication to Demos
?15.202. Dedication of images of Erotes
?15.203. Dedication or funerary inscription for Zenonis
15.266. Honours or dedication
?15.274. Fragment of dedication by Myre and . . .
15.352. Dedication from a church ( building inscription )
dedication to demos
11.401. Statue and altar dedication by Titus Flavius Staberianos, doctor
12.504. Building dedication to Demos
dedication to emperor
9.33. Honours for Marcus Lepidus
11.217. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Apolloniοs, chief doctor
11.401. Statue and altar dedication by Titus Flavius Staberianos, doctor
donor's inscription
?4.306. Donor's inscription of Kapitoleinos
5.10. i. Honours for Marcus Antonius Popillius Andronikos; ii. Fl. Photios gives a gameboard
5.13. -getos, exceptor, gives a gameboard
5.14. Fl. Photios gives a gameboard
5.15. Flavius Photios gives a gameboard
?5.122. Donor prayer from a church
15.351. Anonymous, magnificentissimus, gives a gameboard
?15.359. Donor prayer from a church