All identifiable inscriptions listed by category of text; items may have multiple categories.

?1.107. Fragmentary honours
?1.108. Fragmentary honours
?1.112. Fragment of honours, from Temple
?1.116. Fragmentary honours from Temple
?1.117. Fragmentary honours from Temple
1.118. Honours for anonymous, overseen by Marcus Aurelius Zenas
?1.119. Fragment of honours from Temple
1.124. Honours for Molossos
?1.125. Fragmentary honours
?1.126. Fragmentary honours
1.128. Honours for son of Hypsikles son of Hypsikles
1.131. i. Fragmentary text; ii. Verse honours for Helladios
?1.148. Fragmentary honours in Temple
1.151. Fragmentary honours from Temple
1.152. Fragmentary honours from Temple
?1.153. Fragmentary honours from Temple
1.157. Honours for anonymous, erected by Dio[doros]
1.158. Honours for anonymous
1.159. Honours for daughter of Hephaistion
1.160. Posthumous honours for Dionysios, and a foundation
1.168. Honours for Hieratikos
1.169. Fragment of honours
1.170. Fragmentary honours
1.171. Honours for Lucius Antonius Karpion Aurelianos, who has established a foundation
?1.172. Honours for anonymous
1.173. Fragment of honours for anonymous
1.176. Honours for anonymous
1.177. Honours for Zenon son of Zenon, wrestler
1.179. Honours for Marcus Aurelius Zenas
1.182. Honours for Meliton, kitharist
1.183. Honours for Aurelia Kelesteina
1.186. Honours for Aurelia Apphia daughter of Epiktetos
1.187. Honours for [...] daughter of ...]lianos
1.189. Honours for Licinius Valerianus
1.196. Verse honours for Ioannes, leader of the Council
1.201. Verse honours for a governor
2.13. a: Honours for Claudia Antonia Tatiane; b. Sculptor's signature, of Alexandros
2.16. Honours for Attalos and Diogenes, brothers
2.17. Honours for L. Ant. Cl. Dometeinos Diogenes
2.20. Epigram for Pytheas
2.101. Honours by People for Council
2.110. i. Honours for Septimus Severus; ii. Building inscription of Antonius Priskos
2.111. Honours by Council for People
?2.304. Fragment of honours
2.310. Honours for M. Au[relius - ]
?2.311. Fragmentary honours from the Gerousia
?2.505. Fragment, of honours
2.506. Decree of honours by Plyareis for Agroitas Kallikratous
2.508. Funerary honours for Kastor son of Menekrates
?2.705. Fragment of honours for Marcus Aurelius
3.4. i. Dedication to Patris by Zenon son of Euthymos and others; ii. The Phrygian Metropolis honours Alexandros, in verse
3.8. i. Verse honours for Oikoumenios; ii. Invocation
3.101. Honours for Marcus and Publius Vinicius
4.10. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Arcadius
4.11. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Valentinian II
4.20. Verse honours for Albinos
4.101. Honours for an anonymous benefactor, ?Solon son of Demetrios
?4.110. Honours; fragmentary
4.118. Honours for Julia Faustina by her husband
4.119. Fragmentary ?honours
4.201. Honours for Antoninus Pius
4.202. Verse honours: i. for Ampelios, father of the city; ii. and iii. for Doulkitios, governor, on the Agora Gate
4.301. Honours for anonymous
4.309. Honours for T. Oppius Aelianus Asklepiodotos
4.310. i. Verse honours for Anthemios; ii. Invocation
4.311. Honours for an Emperor, Justinian
5.10. i. Honours for Marcus Antonius Popillius Andronikos; ii. Fl. Photios gives a gameboard
5.16. First honours for Rhodopaios, in verse
5.17. Second honours for Rhodopaios
5.18. Eugenios is honoured by the boule
5.101. Honours for Gaius Julius Zoilos
5.116. Honours for Marcus
5.120. Verse honours for Eupeithios
5.121. Verse honours for Menandros, vicar
5.204. i. Honours for Pyrron son of Itharos; ii. Verse honours for Hermias, benefactor
5.214. Honours for Aurelius Achilles
5.215. Honours for a comes
5.216. Honours for Aelia Flaccilla
5.217. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Honorius
5.218. Tatianos, governor, restores the statue of Tatianos, PPO; verse
6.5. Verse honours for Ioannes, governor of Caria
6.103. Honours for P. Aelius Septimius Mannus, governor
7.8. Posthumous honours for Lykidas Zenon
7.14. Honours for anonymous
8.23. Honours for T. Claudius Diogenes
8.38. Honours for Hosidius Ioulianos
8.39. Honours for Hosidius Ioulianos
8.83. Honours for Tib. Cl. Apollonios Markianos
8.84. Honours for Claudius Zelos
8.85. i: Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors by T.Cl. Zelos. ii: Verse honours for Androkles, a benefactor
8.87. Honours for Kandidianos, circuit-victor
8.88. i. Honours for Piseas, circuit-victor. ii. Sculptor's signature: Polyneikes
?8.203. Honours for Gaius Julius Zoilos
?8.217. Fragment of honours
?8.231. Fragmentary honours for an emperor
?8.232. Fragmentary honours
8.235. Honours for Lucius Antonius Ze
8.236. Honours for Domitian
?8.243. ?Honours
8.252. Honours
8.253. Honours
8.254. Honours
8.261. Honours for an amicus principum
8.273. The city honours Bitianos, governor
8.405. Honours for Julian by Antonius Tatianos
8.406. i. Honours for Titus Falvius Sallustios Athenagoras; ii. Honours for Valens by Antonius Tatianos
8.406. i. Honours for Titus Falvius Sallustios Athenagoras; ii. Honours for Valens by Antonius Tatianos
8.407. Verse honours for a governor
8.410. The city honours Fl. Palmatos, governor
8.608. i. Verse honours for Doulkitios from Balerianos; ii. Place inscription
?8.704. Revetment fragment, honours
8.709. Honours for Flavius Carminius Klaudianos
9.19. Honours for anonymous, high-priest
9.26. Honours for Antonia Augusta
9.27. Honours for Lucius Caesar
9.28. Honours for Drusus Caesar
9.29. Honours for Gaius Caesar
9.30. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Drusus
9.31. Honours for Julia, daughter of Drusus
9.32. Honours for Agrippina, daughter of Germanicus
9.33. Honours for Marcus Lepidus
9.36. Honours for Aemilia Lepida
9.37. Honours for Agrippina
9.38. Honours for Germanicus Caesar
9.39. Honours for Julia Augusta as Hera
9.40. Honours for Atia mother of Augustus
11.2. ?Posthumous honours
11.4. Honours for Panphilos Krokion
11.5. Honours for Papulos, contest-president
11.6. Posthumous honours for Papylos son of Iason
11.13. Fragment of honours
11.14. Fragmentary honours
11.15. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Diogenes
11.16. Honours for Adrastos
11.17. Honours for Eusebes son of Menandros
11.18. Posthumous honours for M. Quintilius Pedukaios
11.22. Posthumous honours for Zenon son of Zenon
?11.23. Posthumous honours for nios, who has established a foundation
11.47. Fragment from honours
11.48. Honours for Dionysios son of Mo .
11.49. Honours for Apollonios son of Eidaios
11.50. Honours for Claudia Paulina
11.57. Honours for anonymous
11.58. Honours for anonymous, boy runner victor at the fifteenth Philemoniea
11.60. Honours for anonymus, boy boxer
11.62. Honours for Cornelia Salonina
11.104. Honours for an emperor, Augustus Germanicus
11.110. Honours for the father of Marcus Aurelius Polychronios, who established a foundation
11.213. Fragments, perhaps from honours
11.214. Fragment, from ? honours
11.219. Fragments from ?honours
11.220. Honours for anonymous
11.222. Honours for Andreas, son of Androneikianos, boy runner
11.223. Honours for anonymus, son of Artemidoros, boy boxer
11.224. Honours for anonymous, boy runner
11.404. Honours for Ateimetos Petignas
11.405. Honours for a priest of Athena Polias
11.408. Honours for anonymous
11.409. Honours for Chaireas
11.414. Honours for Lucius Egnatius Victor Lollianus, proconsul
11.508. Posthumous honours for Muon and Peritas
11.515. Honours for Rhodopaios, for the third time
12.3. Posthumous honours for Nikoteimos Hierax
12.4. Posthumous honours for Adrastos son of Nikotimos
12.5. Posthumous honours for Ammia daughter of Attalos
12.12. Honours probably for Kallikrates son of Molossos
12.17. Honours for Publius Aelius Hilarianos from his father
12.18. Honours for anonymous
12.20. Honours for Eunostos
12.21. Honours for Aelius Aurelius Ammianos Papias
12.22. Honours for Aelius Aurelius Ammianos Paulinos
12.23. Fragmentary honours
12.24. Fragmentary honours
12.27. Honours for C. Julius Longianos, poet
12.28. Posthumous honours for Tiberius Claudius Ktesias, who established a foundation
12.29. Honours for Attalos son of Pytheas and Tatas daughter of Diodoros
12.29. Honours for Attalos son of Pytheas and Tatas daughter of Diodoros
12.30. Posthumous honours for Aelius Claudius . . .
12.31. Honours for ?, son of Apollonios, victor in a contest for sculptors at the first celebration of the Lysimachea Tatianea
12.33. Honours for the proconsul, Sulpicius Priscus
12.35. Honours for Antonius Antiochos, boy boxer
12.36. Honours for anonymous, contest-president for life of the Gordianea Attalea
12.101. i. Honours for Flavius Constantius, governor, for building the wall; ii. Flavius Ampelios restores the gate
12.103. Honours for a citizen (late Republic)
12.104. Posthumous honours for Theodotos son of Andronikos
12.105. Posthumous honours for C. Julius Potitianοs and for Antonia Flaviane
12.108. Dedication for Emperors and Caesars
12.201. Decree of honours for Pereitas
12.202. Honours for Adrastos son of Adrastos, sacred victor
12.203. Posthumous honours for Attinas son of Theodoros
12.206. Decree of honours for Attinas Meliton
12.214. Honours for T. Aelius Aurelius Menandros
12.215. Honours for M. Aurelius os, long-distance runner
12.301. Honours for Sextus Appuleius
12.306. Funerary honours for Hermias Glykon, his wife Apphia, and their daughter Apphia
12.307. Posthumous honours for Dionysios son of Artemidoros
12.308. Posthumous honours for Adrastos son of Nikotimos
12.311. Funerary inscription and honours for Attalos son of Attalos
12.312. Posthumous honours for Attalos son of Makedon
12.316. Fragmentary honours
12.317. Honours for Lucius Antonius Zosas, who has established a foundation
12.319. Decree of honours for Praxiteles son of Aristeas
12.323. Honours for Claudia Antonia Tatiane
12.324. Honours for T. Cl. Kapitoleinos
12.325. Posthumous honours for M. Fl. Antonius Lysimachos
12.326. Honours for emperor Caracalla
12.402. Restoration of the honours for his ancestor by Kallikrates
12.403. Funerary honours by Artemeis for her brother Bacchios
12.410. Honours for Mithridates son of Athenagoras
12.413. Honours for anonymous, having held every office in the city
12.416. Honours for Dometeinos Diogenes
12.417. Honours for Apollonios the high-priest
12.502. Funerary honours for Epainetos
12.511. Fragmentary honours
12.512. Honours for Teimokles
12.513. Honours for Diogeneia
12.514. Honours for Emperor Tiberius
12.518. Posthumous honours for Claudia Tryphosa Paulina
12.519. Honours for Myon Menandros
12.520. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Attalos
12.521. Honours for Zenas descendent of Apollonios
12.528. Honours for Molossos, a child
?12.529. Fragmentary honours for ?Chaireas
12.530. Honours for Diogenes and Attalos
12.531. Honours for Aurelia Messouleia Satorneila
12.532. Honours for Aurelia Flavia Messouleia
12.533. Honours for Aelia Laevilla
12.534. Honours for M. Aurelius Ariston; establishment of a foundation by Aurelia Ammia
12.535. Honours for Publius Aelius Hilarianos from his mother
12.536. Honours for C. Julius Philippos,
12.537. Posthumous honours for anonymous, son of Tryphon
12.539. Honours for M. Aur. Cl. Ktesias
12.602. Funerary honours for Geis and Heraios
12.603. Fragmentary honours (I cent)
12.609. Posthumous honours for Apphia daughter of Theodoros
12.612. Decree of honours for Dionysios son of Papylos
12.613. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Hierokles
12.614. Honours for Titus Caesar
12.623. Honours for M. Valerius Epaphrodeitos, singer to the kithara
12.626. Honours for anonymous
?12.627. Fragment of honours
?12.636. Opening line of honours formula
12.639. Honours for Marcus Aurelius [...]nus son of Artemon
12.641. Honours for Caracalla
12.643. Honours for a son of Gallienus
12.644. Honours for M. Aurelius Diogenes
12.645. Honours for M. Aurelius Diogenes
12.646. Honours for Sallustius family
12.701. Honours for an anonymous benefactor
12.705. Honours for anonymous
12.706. Honours for Aristokles Molossos
12.707. Honours for Tryphe
12.708. Honours for M. Antonius Zenon Ulpianos
12.710. Fragmentary honours, second/third century
12.711. Funerary honours for anonymous, pancratiast
12.715. Fragmentary honours
12.716. Honours for Kallimorphos, flautist
12.717. Fragmentary honours, third century, from SW Walls
12.719. Decree of honours for Kallikrates son of Diogenes,pancratiast
12.802. Honours for female stephanephorus
12.803. Decree of honours for Aristokles Molossos
12.804. Honours for anonymous
12.807. Honours for Marcus Antonius Popillios Agelaos
?12.901. Fragmentary honours
12.905. Honours for Artemon
12.907. Fragmentary honours
?12.910. Fragmentary honours
12.912. Honours for Marcus Aurelius Gaitulikos
12.919. Honours for Hypsikleia Apphia (relative of) Nikotimos
12.920. Honours for Aelius Aurelius Menandros
12.923. Honours for M. Aurelius ?Statonos, also called Argyrios
12.924. Honours for the People of Keretapa
12.925. Honours for the People of Hierapolis
12.926. Honours for the People of Kibyra
12.927. Honours for the People of Apollonia Salbake
12.928. Honours for the People of Heraklea Salbake
12.929. Honours for the People of Tabae
12.930. Honours for the People of
12.931. Honours for Aurelius Gaius, centurio frumentarius
12.932. Honours for a centurio frumentarius
12.1002. Honours for Molossos, Ammia and Phanias
12.1006. Posthumous honours for Iason son of Menodotos
12.1008. Public honours for anonymous
12.1011. Honours for Zenon son of Menippos
12.1018. Honours for M. Fl. Karminios Athenagoras Livianos
12.1019. Posthumous honours for Tiberius Cl(audius) Antonius [Am]mianos
12.1020. Honours for Ulpia Carminia Claudiana
12.1102. Honours for Sokrates son of Theophrastos
12.1103. Fragmentary honours for anonymous
12.1104. Decree of honours for anonymous
12.1111. Honours for M. Ulpius Carminius Klaudianos
12.1202. Honours for Menekrates
?12.1206. Fragment from honours
12.1208. Honours for anonymous
12.1210. Honours for Aelia Julia Apphia
13.5. Posthumous honours for Demetrios son of Pyrrhos Papias
13.6. Posthumous honours for Pyrrhos son of Pyrrhos
13.7. Posthumous honours for Pyrrhos Papias son of Zenon
13.105. Funerary honours for Peritas Kallimedes and his wife Tatia
?13.117. Honours for anonymous
?13.122. Fragment (of honours ) from city walls
13.146. Honours for L. Cl. Iberinos Eudaimon
13.152. Honours for Zenon son of Zenon, boy runner Victor at the ninth Philemoniea
13.205. Honours for [Julius] Aurelius Charidemos
13.301. Funerary honours for Neaira and Metrodoros
13.302. Funerary honours for Kallippos, Athenagoras and
13.401. Honours, perhaps funerary, for Julianos and Flavia Apphia Iuliane
13.616. Honours for anonymous, wrestler
13.701. Posthumous honours for Epicharmos son of Chrysaor
14.12. Honours for the people of Aphrodisias
14.13. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Capitolinus
14.18. Honours for ? T. Cl. Aur. Zelos
15.2. Fragmentary honours
?15.7. Funerary fragment or honours
15.10. Honours
?15.11. Fragmentary honours
15.14. Fragmentary honours
15.16. Fragmentary honours
15.17. Fragmentary honours
15.214. Honours for Papias
?15.219. Fragment from honours (or funerary) for Attalos
15.236. ?Honours for anonymous
?15.256. Fragment from honours
15.257. Fragmentary honours
15.258. Honours for anonymous
15.260. Honours for Attalis Apphion
15.261. Posthumous honours for Diogenes son of Menandros
15.262. Posthumous honours for Titus Flavius Apollinarios
15.263. Honours for Menogenes Glykon
15.265. Fragmentary honours
15.266. Honours or dedication
15.269. Honours for Calpurnius Pauleinos and Flavia Pythodoris
15.272. Honours for
15.282. Fragmentary honours for a victor
?15.287. Fragment of honours
15.288. Honours for anonymous
15.289. Fragment from ?honours
?15.291. Fragment of honours
15.319. Honours for Tib. Cl. [Apollonios] Aurelianos
?15.320. Honours for anonymous
15.321. Posthumous honours for M. Aur. Attalos
15.322. Honours for anonymous
?15.324. Fragmentary honours
15.325. Fragmentary honours
15.329. Honours for Aurelia [Phron]tiniane
15.332. Honours for anonymous
15.333. Honours for Aurelia Ammia Myrton
15.360. The Carians honour Palmatos, in verse
15.364. Honours for anonymus, son of Menandros, boy pankratiast