J.K. Aitken, The Demetrios database of Septuagint Greek


General Project Website http://www.rdg.ac.uk/lxx

The 'Demetrios database of Septuagint (LXX) Greek' aims to place the social and political vocabulary of the LXX within the context of the Greek of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. For this purpose words of a broadly social and political nature, and in particular titles and offices, are recorded in their LXX occurrences. The appearance of these words in literature, papyri and inscriptions from the third century BC to the second century AD are also recorded as far as possible. The dates and locations of these sources are noted, and a general discussion field provides a scholarly summary of the key features of the words distribution and usage, and a bibliography is incorporated. This is the first step in providing a history within the language of particular Greek words. Searches will provide information on distribution and location, and will inform on the language and date of particular LXX books. The types of data recorded and the problems encountered will be discussed in the presentation.