Brian Fuchs, Max Planck Institute, Berlin

The MPIWG will present some of the techniques pioneered in the ECHO project and Archimedes Project for working with historical texts with the help of emerging technologies. We will focus on the challenges posed by linguistically rich texts, where a text typically contains multiple languages and period-specific orthography, as well as those posed by distributed working environments, in which researchers in different locations work concurrently on the same resources and share research results.

In particular, we will address:

  1. 1. Online linguistic support for cross-linguistic texts and corpora, in particular the online tools for Greek and Latin morphological support.
  2. 2. Annotation tools and publication strategies for linked text-image corpora.

Our presentation will make use of online tools developed by the ECHO Project and Archimedes Project and, if an internet connection is available, will include a live demonstration of the projects’ online tools. The tools, as well as further information about the projects, including the projects’ text resources, are available online at and; all released resources, both tools and texts, are freely available to the public under Open Source/Open Access licences.