Werner Seibt writes:

The Viennese program (on the seals sector):

  1. In print: Review DOS V (Seibt)
  2. Finished, but not in print: Seals of Karthago (Diss. : Zografopoulos); Seals of Mesopotamia in the West (Seibt)
  3. In progress: Seals of Austria III (Wassiliou); Metrical Seals (Wassiliou); Monogrammatic Seals in Austria (Seibt); Seals with family names in D.O. (Seibt, assisting J. Nesbitt); Iconography of (rare) male saints on seals (Master's: Mayerhofer). Reviews: DOS V (Wassiliou), Brandes (Seibt), Bulgakova (Seibt)