Elena Stepanova writes:

  1. Together with main works of Lihachev, Panchenko and Shandrovskaja there are many articles in Russian, sphragistic material of which can be included in this project;
  2. the seals of just published book of mine devoted to the seals with Latin and Greek-Latin inscriptions of the VI-VIII centuries from the Hermitage collection (168 specimens) may be included too.
  3. now in the process (it was begun a year ago) the project of the Hermitage and Ukraine Academy of sciences "Sphragistics, Numismatics and Heraldry of Medieaval Crimea". The sphragistic part including seals of Cherson, Sudak and some other places is made by scientific researcher of National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos Museum Nikolai Alexseenko and me. Now we start to make database with the help of Microsoft Access and this system is very useful for the scholars because it permits to find very easy the seal they need according to some parameter (date, name, family name, title and so on).
  4. I think about corpus of seals with geographical names from the Hermitage museum (approximately, it is about 500-600 specimens, many of them are unpublished). Now I am not ready to discuss this project with my colleagues but it will be useful for SigiDoc.