Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity 2004

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The inscriptions are numbered as in the first edition. Numbers 230 and 231, the edicts of Diocletian, which are the objects of current study, are not included in this edition; and several inscriptions from the auditoria (137, 138, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183 and 218) which were re-published in a fuller context by Roueché, Performers and Partisans at Aphrodisias (London, 1993) have not been included. Numbers 232 and above were not published in the first edition. Several readings have been revised; the editions of numbers 58, 67, and 148 include new fragments.

The inscriptions can be viewed by number, by section, by date, by location, by type of text, and by type of monument.

The texts can also be searched by the Greek and Latin indices, as well as the other indices.

Inscriptions can also be searched using the Concordance of earlier editions.

We keenly encourage scholars to download our XML files and repurpose them to any interesting ends. You may therefore download all inscriptions in EpiDoc XML, as a single .zip file (or individually from the inscription pages).1

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1. layout text Please note that these files do not currently validate to the latest canonical EpiDoc DTD; the hacked DTD is bundled in this package for your reference.





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