• Charlotte Roueché, Classics and Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, King's College London
  • Harold Short, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
  • Geoffrey Waywell, former Director of the Institute for Classical Studies, University of London



  • Joyce Reynolds, Newnham College, Cambridge
  • Angelos Chaniotis, All Soul's College, Oxford
  • Tom Elliott, Pleiades Project, University of North Carolina


  • Christopher Ratté, New York University
  • R.R.R. Smith, Lincoln College, Oxford

Project Team

Main Epigraphy and Markup Researcher

  • Gabriel Bodard, King's College London

Current Team

  • Zaneta Au (web application development)
  • Eleonora Litta (markup support)
  • Paul Spence (XML Team manager)
  • Charlotte Tupman (epigraphy and markup)
  • Paul Vetch (lead interface development)
  • José Miguel Vieira (web application development)
  • Raffaele Viglianti (web application development)


  • Gerhard Brey (coding and lemmatizing)
  • Damien Doherty (visual design)
  • Juan Garcés (markup and Greek editing)
  • Elliott Hall (programming)
  • Maria Kardami (markup support)
  • Richard Palmer (servers)
  • Artemis Papakostouli (markup and Greek editing)
  • Adam Steene (Summer intern)

Special thanks to:

  • Hugh Cayless, University of North Carolina, for advice on EpiDoc
  • Abigail Graham, University of Warwick, for reading and comments
  • Fabienne Marchand, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, for reading and comments