The inscriptions in IAph are presented following the standard epigraphic conventions recommended by Leiden, with a few modifications for the benefit of web display.

In general we have not included punctuation in the epigraphic text, except in some cases where the text is in verse or a literary prose style.

αβγ Text clearly read and interpreted
ΑΒΓ Text clearly read but not resolved by the editor
α(βγ) Expansion of an abbreviation
[αβγ] Text lost due to damage and restored by the editor
[ .. c. 4 .. ] A number of characters lost due to damage that cannot be restored
[ .. ? .. ] An unknown number of characters lost due to damage
<αβγ> Characters erroneously omitted by the cutter
`αβγ´ Text added to the text in antiquity (by the original or a second scribe)
⌜αβγ⌝ Text corrected by the editor
{αβγ} Superfluous letters removed by the editor
α̣β̣γ̣ Characters partially damaged, tentatively restored by the editor
αβγ Characters seen by the editors in an otherwise largely lost text
αβγ Characters seen by a previous editor now lost due to further damage