Two fragments from a white marble relief panel (D. 0.10 ) decorated with crude relief sculpture within a series of rectangular areas enclosed within a simple flat moulding. These two both come from the upper edge of the stone; traces survive below of a second register of decoration.a. ( H. 0.49 x W. 0.50) has a border surviving above and below, but both sides are lost. In the upper tier are running animals ?an ox pursued by a dog or wolf. Below, a man with a spear fights off a bear; to his left, a humped animal (probably another bear) springs away, and below it a creature bends its head to the ground.b. (H. 0.48 x W. 0.56) has border surviving above, below and to the right. In the top right corner an ox flees. Below it, to the left a man (largely lost) confronts ?a bear, which is ?pursued by two running dogs. Below, in the lower right corner a ?boar is seated, facing two reclining creatures. That to the left is lost; in the centre a creature whose head is elongated, like that of a bear holds in an uplifted hand a rope which appears to be fastened to its neck, and to that of the creature behind.
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First to fourth centuries A.D. (content)
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History of discovery:
recorded by the NYU expedition (museum inventory no. 82/2/1183).
Published by Roueché, PPA 40
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No text This edition Roueché (2007).
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