All inscriptions are numbered by location. Items whose original location is known appear first under that location, with their own series of numbers starting at 1; they are followed by a second series of items for which that location is the findspot, but not necessarily the original location.

    9.1. Building restoration dedicated to Aphrodite and emperors
    9.2. Title for image of people of the Rhaeti
    9.3. Title for image of people of the Trumpilini
    9.4. Title for image of the Arabs
    9.5. Title for image of the Egyptians
    9.6. Title for image of Hemera
    9.7. Title for image of Ocean
    9.8. Title for image of Crete
    9.9. Title of image of People of the Bessi
    9.10. Title for image of Cyprus
    9.11. Title for image of Sicily
    9.12. Title for image of People of the Judaeans
    9.13. Title for image of Armenia
    9.14. Title for images of Armenia and Nero
    9.15. Title for images of Rome and Earth
    9.16. Title for image of Victory of the Augusti
    9.17. Title for image of people of the Callaeci
    9.18. Title for image of people of the Pirousti
    9.19. Honours for anonymous, high-priest
    9.20. Title for image of the people of the Dacians
    9.21. Title for image of people of the Bosporoi
    9.22. Title for image of People of the Iapodes
    9.23. Title for image of People of the Andizetoi
    9.24. Title for image of people of the Dardanoi
    9.25. Building dedication of Sebasteion portico for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
    9.26. Honours for Antonia Augusta
    9.27. Honours for Lucius Caesar
    9.28. Honours for Drusus Caesar
    9.29. Honours for Gaius Caesar
    9.30. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Drusus
    9.31. Honours for Julia, daughter of Drusus
    9.32. Honours for Agrippina, daughter of Germanicus
    9.33. Honours for Marcus Lepidus
    9.34. Honours for Aphrodite ancestress of the Augusti
    9.35. Honours for Aeneas
    9.36. Honours for Aemilia Lepida
    9.37. Honours for Agrippina
    9.38. Honours for Germanicus Caesar
    9.39. Honours for Julia Augusta as Hera
    9.40. Honours for Atia mother of Augustus
    9.41. Title for images of Claudius and Britannia
    9.42. Title for images of Nero and Helios
    9.43. Letter of Valerian and Gallienus
    9.101. Funerary fragment
    9.102. Funerary fragment
    9.103. Funerary fragment
    9.104. Funerary fragment
    9.105. ? Funerary fragment
    9.106. Fragment, perhaps funerary
    9.107. Fragment
    9.108. Funerary fragment
    9.109. Fragment, first/second century, from Sebasteion
    9.110. Fragment
    9.111. Dedication to a benefactor
    9.112. Building dedication to Tiberius and Livia
    9.113. Sculptor's signature: Koblanos
    9.114. Fragment of funerary verse
    9.115. Gameboard
    9.116. Fragment from Sebasteion
    9.117. Funerary fragment
    9.118. Funerary inscription for Aurelius
    9.119. Dedication for Hadrian Soter
    9.120. Revetment fragment
    9.121. Fragment from Sebasteion
    9.122. Epitaph of Kyriakos, priest
    9.123. Panel fragment: funerary
    9.124. Monogram of Theochares, donor
    9.125. Titles on philosopher portraits
    9.126. Dedicatory poem