All inscriptions listed by type of monument, when that is identifiable; items may have multiple types.

2.504. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
2.516. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
8.202. Sculptor's signature of Menippos
8.209. Votive offering to Kore Plyarei by Diogenes and Tatias
8.210. Oath of Plarasa/Aphrodisias, Kibyra, and Tabae
8.212. Dedication by Gaius Volousios, mime actor
?8.233. Building dedication for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
8.409. Sundial
8.501. Altar dedication by Diogenes son of Damonikos
8.708. Altar dedication for Hadrian
?9.119. Dedication for Hadrian Soter
?10.103. Votive offering to a goddess (Aphrodite)
11.3. Dedication by Dionysios on behalf of Ammia
11.203. Fragment of an altar dedication
13.119. Votive dedication by children of Hermias
?14.6. Funerary inscription of Peritas, on base or altar;
15.101. Votive to Hekate Euantetos
15.266. Honours or dedication
?10.101. Gladiator memorial for Kaistillos
10.102. Gladiator memorial for Margaretes
11.501. Gladiator memorial for Secundus
11.502. Gladiator memorial for Menandros, bestiarius
11.503. Gladiator memorial for [ . . .]pes, bestiarius
12.13. Gladiator memorial for Patroklos
12.15. Gladiator memorial for Xanthos
12.16. Gladiator memorial for [?Margar]eites
12.615. Gladiator memorial for Skirtos
12.621. Gladiator memorial for Fortis
12.622. Gladiator memorial for Aniketos
13.123. Gladiator memorial, for Unio
13.304. Gladiator memorial for Podenemos
15.225. Gladiator memorial
15.267. Gladiator memorial
15.279. Gladiator memorial for Narkissos
1.24. Name: Stephanos, subdeacon ( prayer/invocation )
1.102. Building dedication to the Divine Augustus by Eusebes son of Menandros
1.174. Building dedication for Hadrian
2.302. Fragment, Augustan date, from Odeon area
2.303. Building inscription by [—]nius Lysias
2.701. Building dedication for Aphrodite
3.2. Building inscription by priest of Libertas
3.3. Building dedication to a god
3.102. Building inscription
4.3. Building dedication to an emperor
4.4. Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors
4.5. Gameboard
4.19. Philippos, admirandissimus, pays for work in the South Agora
5.5. Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors
5.9. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian
5.219. Dionysios, doctor, undertakes building works in the Hadrianic Baths
5.303. Building inscription of Pytheas, in verse
6.2. Building dedication for Titus
6.5. Verse honours for Ioannes, governor of Caria
8.1. i. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Demos; ii. Invocation to Ourania; iii. Acclamation for the City
8.3. Decree of Plarasa/Aphrodisias
8.262. Dedication (building inscription), to a saint
9.1. Building restoration dedicated to Aphrodite and emperors
9.19. Honours for anonymous, high-priest
9.25. Building dedication of Sebasteion portico for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
9.112. Building dedication to Tiberius and Livia
11.25. Building inscription of Melition son of Pythion
11.304. Fragment, first /second century
11.407. Building dedication to Aphrodite
12.8. Building inscription by Claudia
?12.209. Building inscription
12.302. Building inscription, late Hellenistic
12.304. Building dedication to Zeus
12.404. Building dedication s, by Antipatros and by Dionysios, to Demos
?12.405. Building dedication to Demos
12.406. Building dedication to Demos
12.407. Building dedication to Demos
12.408. Building dedication to Demos
12.504. Building dedication to Demos
12.505. Building dedication to Demos
12.506. Building dedication to Demos
12.903. Building inscription of Artemidoros Muon
12.1014. Building inscription, by a man and wife
12.1203. Building inscription fragment
?13.503. Building dedication to Demos
15.211. Building inscription fragment, I B.C./I A.D.
15.239. Fragment, undated, stray find
architrave block
8.82. Building dedication to Nemesis
12.318. Building inscription: restoration of building by ?Eusebes
12.602. Funerary honours for Geis and Heraios
14.1. Building inscription fragment, undated.
15.212. Building inscription fragment, I B.C./I A.D.