All identifiable inscriptions listed by category of text; items may have multiple categories.

1.189. Honours for Licinius Valerianus
2.110. i. Honours for Septimus Severus; ii. Building inscription of Antonius Priskos
4.10. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Arcadius
4.11. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Valentinian II
4.311. Honours for an Emperor, Justinian
5.216. Honours for Aelia Flaccilla
5.217. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Honorius
8.211. Statue dedication of Hygeia to emperors
8.236. Honours for Domitian
8.405. Honours for Julian by Antonius Tatianos
9.26. Honours for Antonia Augusta
9.36. Honours for Aemilia Lepida
9.37. Honours for Agrippina
9.38. Honours for Germanicus Caesar
9.40. Honours for Atia mother of Augustus
9.43. Letter of Valerian and Gallienus
9.112. Building dedication to Tiberius and Livia
11.62. Honours for Cornelia Salonina
12.11. Title for image of Nero Drusus Augustus Caesar
12.108. Dedication for Emperors and Caesars
12.326. Honours for emperor Caracalla
12.515. Statue dedication for emperor Claudius
12.614. Honours for Titus Caesar
12.641. Honours for Caracalla
12.642. Statue dedication to empress Julia Domna
12.643. Honours for a son of Gallienus
12.902. Statue dedication to the Emperor
12.1001. Dedication to Constantius II and a Caesar by Fl. Quint. Eros Monaxios
imperial letter
9.43. Letter of Valerian and Gallienus
2.3. Graffiti: insults and acclamations
2.2. Invocation of Ourania
3.8. i. Verse honours for Oikoumenios; ii. Invocation
8.1. i. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Demos; ii. Invocation to Ourania; iii. Acclamation for the City
?8.19. Place inscription of Bassos; invocation
12.109. Invocation for Konstantios