All identifiable inscriptions listed by category of text; items may have multiple categories.

1.37. Fragments from a poem decorating a feature in the Temple-Church
1.131. i. Fragmentary text; ii. Verse honours for Helladios
1.193. Warning against approaching the bema (verse); invocations
?1.195. Fragment of funerary verse
1.196. Verse honours for Ioannes, leader of the Council
1.201. Verse honours for a governor
2.20. Epigram for Pytheas
2.315. Funerary verse for Arkimos
2.526. Funerary verse
3.4. i. Dedication to Patris by Zenon son of Euthymos and others; ii. The Phrygian Metropolis honours Alexandros, in verse
3.8. i. Verse honours for Oikoumenios; ii. Invocation
4.20. Verse honours for Albinos
4.202. Verse honours: i. for Ampelios, father of the city; ii. and iii. for Doulkitios, governor, on the Agora Gate
4.310. i. Verse honours for Anthemios; ii. Invocation
5.12. i. Fragment of verse . ii. Place inscription of Synodios
5.16. First honours for Rhodopaios, in verse
5.18. Eugenios is honoured by the boule
5.120. Verse honours for Eupeithios
5.121. Verse honours for Menandros, vicar
5.204. i. Honours for Pyrron son of Itharos; ii. Verse honours for Hermias, benefactor
5.218. Tatianos, governor, restores the statue of Tatianos, PPO; verse
5.303. Building inscription of Pytheas, in verse
6.5. Verse honours for Ioannes, governor of Caria
7.2. Dedicatory poem
?8.85. i: Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors by T.Cl. Zelos. ii: Verse honours for Androkles, a benefactor
8.260. Funerary verse , fragmentary
8.270. Funerary verse for Jordanes
8.276. Dedicatory poem, church of SS. Barbara and Anastasia
8.407. Verse honours for a governor
8.608. i. Verse honours for Doulkitios from Balerianos; ii. Place inscription
8.610. Building inscription of Pytheas, in verse
?9.114. Fragment of funerary verse
9.126. Dedicatory poem
11.39. Funerary verse
11.68. Verse posthumous honours, apparently , for Asclepiodotus
11.69. Funerary verse, for Asklepiodotos
11.307. Funerary verse
13.125. Funerary verse for Eupeithios
13.157. Fragment of funerary verse
13.501. Funerary verse for Zenon son of Artemidoros
13.507. Funerary verse for a girl, Thea[ . . .
13.702. Funerary inscription, partly in verse, for Aurelius Zenon
14.16. Funerary verse for Stephanos
?15.305. Funerary verse
15.347. Funerary verse for Claudia
?15.348. Fragment of funerary verse
15.354. Funerary verse for Makedonios
15.360. The Carians honour Palmatos, in verse
15.361. Funerary verse for Pytheas
15.362. Funerary verse for Euphemia
4.113. Votive to Asklepios
5.112. Votive offering to Asklepios by Amias
5.117. Votive offering to Asklepios
8.207. Votive offering to Zeus
8.209. Votive offering to Kore Plyarei by Diogenes and Tatias
10.103. Votive offering to a goddess (Aphrodite)
13.119. Votive dedication by children of Hermias
?13.617. Votive offering to an unnamed God
15.101. Votive to Hekate Euantetos
15.217. Votive offering to Kore by Alexandros
15.240. Votive offering to Asklepios