All identifiable inscriptions listed by category of text; items may have multiple categories.

?2.524. Fragment of a Latin text ( Regulation )
1.2. Building dedication for Aphrodite by C. Julius Zoilos
1.4. Column dedication by Eumachos and Amias
1.5. Column dedication by Eumachos and Ammias
1.6. Column dedication by Eumachos and Amias
1.7. Column dedication by Attalos and Attalis
1.8. Column dedication by Attalos and Attalis
1.10. Names with gameboard s
1.11. Place inscription of Loukas, philoponus
1.12. Prayer of Theodoretos and Kyriakos
1.14. Prayer of Anastasios, donor
1.16. Prayer of donor
1.17. Fragment of donor's prayer
1.21. Prayers on West Door of Temple-Church (south)
1.22. Prayers on West Door of Temple-Church (north)
1.28. Michael: name or invocation
1.29. Prayer of Leon
1.33. Graffiti: names and prayers
1.34. Graffiti: names and prayers
1.37. Fragments from a poem decorating a feature in the Temple-Church
1.38. Boundary marker, set up by C. Julius Zoilos
1.104. Fragments of panel
1.107. Fragmentary honours
1.109. Dedication to Aphrodite by Artemidoros
1.154. Panel fragment from Temple
1.159. Honours for daughter of Hephaistion
1.177. Honours for Zenon son of Zenon, wrestler
1.186. Honours for Aurelia Apphia daughter of Epiktetos
1.187. Honours for [...] daughter of ...]lianos
1.193. Warning against approaching the bema (verse); invocations
1.202. Eustochios, responsible for building work
2.2. Invocation of Ourania
2.20. Epigram for Pytheas
2.109. Statue dedication of Aphrodite
2.113. Statue dedication by Flavius Andronikos
2.309. Funerary formula from sarcophagus
2.402. Graffiti: Prayers and names
2.516. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
2.523. Funerary formula from sarcophagus
2.701. Building dedication for Aphrodite
3.2. Building inscription by priest of Libertas
4.4. Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors
4.10. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Arcadius
4.11. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Valentinian II
4.20. Verse honours for Albinos
4.21. 1. Acclamations for Albinos, clarissimus; 2. Acclamation for the city
4.109. Dedication to Aphrodite
4.113. Votive to Asklepios
4.202. Verse honours: i. for Ampelios, father of the city; ii. and iii. for Doulkitios, governor, on the Agora Gate
4.309. Honours for T. Oppius Aelianus Asklepiodotos
4.310. i. Verse honours for Anthemios; ii. Invocation
5.5. Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors
5.6. Building dedication of the Eusebian Bath to the Emperors and Aphrodite
5.7. Dedication of a caryatid by Attalis
5.9. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian
5.10. i. Honours for Marcus Antonius Popillius Andronikos; ii. Fl. Photios gives a gameboard
5.16. First honours for Rhodopaios, in verse
5.24. Acclamations for imperial family, and a New Theodosius
5.101. Honours for Gaius Julius Zoilos
5.108. Dedication of image of the Hours by Zenon and Apphia
5.109. Dedication of image of the Hours by Zenon and Apphia
5.112. Votive offering to Asklepios by Amias
5.117. Votive offering to Asklepios
5.204. i. Honours for Pyrron son of Itharos; ii. Verse honours for Hermias, benefactor
5.207. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian by Pereitas Attalos
5.208. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian by Pereitas Attalos
5.214. Honours for Aurelius Achilles
5.301. Statue dedication by Flavius Zenon
7.2. Dedicatory poem
7.16. Monogram capitals from the Triconch Church
8.1. i. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Demos; ii. Invocation to Ourania; iii. Acclamation for the City
8.5. Building dedication by C. Julius Zoilos
8.6. Acclamation for Ourania
8.7. Acclamation for Ourania
8.10. Graffiti on Theatre stage building
8.39. Honours for Hosidius Ioulianos
8.52. Statue dedication of a statue of Demos by Nikomachos and Menodotos.
8.58. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block F
8.82. Building dedication to Nemesis
8.84. Honours for Claudius Zelos
8.85. i: Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors by T.Cl. Zelos. ii: Verse honours for Androkles, a benefactor
8.108. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
8.110. Invocation
8.112. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
8.113. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
8.209. Votive offering to Kore Plyarei by Diogenes and Tatias
8.210. Oath of Plarasa/Aphrodisias, Kibyra, and Tabae
8.211. Statue dedication of Hygeia to emperors
8.233. Building dedication for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
8.256. Panel dedication with imperial reference
8.262. Dedication (building inscription), to a saint
8.263. Epitaph of Athanasios
8.269. Invocation
8.270. Funerary verse for Jordanes
8.275. Epitaph of Theodokios
8.276. Dedicatory poem, church of SS. Barbara and Anastasia
8.405. Honours for Julian by Antonius Tatianos
8.407. Verse honours for a governor
8.410. The city honours Fl. Palmatos, governor
8.603. Prayer
8.607. Warning against theft
8.708. Altar dedication for Hadrian
8.905. Panel fragment: funerary
9.1. Building restoration dedicated to Aphrodite and emperors
9.6. Title for image of Hemera
9.7. Title for image of Ocean
9.15. Title for images of Rome and Earth
9.25. Building dedication of Sebasteion portico for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
9.34. Honours for Aphrodite ancestress of the Augusti
9.39. Honours for Julia Augusta as Hera
9.42. Title for images of Nero and Helios
9.43. Letter of Valerian and Gallienus
9.112. Building dedication to Tiberius and Livia
11.29. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Menandris
11.37. Funerary fragment
11.43. Funerary inscription for Meltinianos
11.51. Dedication by Tiberius Claudius Apollonios Aurelianos
11.60. Honours for anonymus, boy boxer
11.66. Dedication by Flavius Eusebios
11.104. Honours for an emperor, Augustus Germanicus
11.111. Invocation
11.207. Heading for a document
11.301. Statue dedication by Kallikrates
11.401. Statue and altar dedication by Titus Flavius Staberianos, doctor
11.405. Honours for a priest of Athena Polias
11.407. Building dedication to Aphrodite
11.515. Honours for Rhodopaios, for the third time
12.24. Fragmentary honours
12.26. Testament of Attalos Adrastos
12.27. Honours for C. Julius Longianos, poet
12.29. Honours for Attalos son of Pytheas and Tatas daughter of Diodoros
12.105. Posthumous honours for C. Julius Potitianοs and for Antonia Flaviane
12.107. Funerary inscription for M. Aur. Zenon
12.109. Invocation for Konstantios
12.201. Decree of honours for Pereitas
12.204. Dedication of statues by Artemidoros Pedisas
12.210. Funerary fragment
12.215. Honours for M. Aurelius os, long-distance runner
12.304. Building dedication to Zeus
12.314. Building dedication under Domitian.
12.328. Warning against throwing earth
12.401. Invocations
12.412. Funerary inscription for Gnaeus Pollius Zenon
12.513. Honours for Diogeneia
12.515. Statue dedication for emperor Claudius
12.521. Honours for Zenas descendent of Apollonios
12.528. Honours for Molossos, a child
12.531. Honours for Aurelia Messouleia Satorneila
12.532. Honours for Aurelia Flavia Messouleia
12.609. Posthumous honours for Apphia daughter of Theodoros
12.612. Decree of honours for Dionysios son of Papylos
12.638. Dedication to Hypnos by high-priest and priest of Asklepios
12.703. Dedication of trapeza by Kallikrates son of Molossos
12.712. Dedication by Euphron son of Archimedes
12.716. Honours for Kallimorphos, flautist
12.803. Decree of honours for Aristokles Molossos
12.807. Honours for Marcus Antonius Popillios Agelaos
12.902. Statue dedication to the Emperor
12.912. Honours for Marcus Aurelius Gaitulikos
12.914. Building inscription by Aphrodite
12.918. Funerary inscription for anonymous
12.920. Honours for Aelius Aurelius Menandros
12.1001. Dedication to Constantius II and a Caesar by Fl. Quint. Eros Monaxios
12.1003. Funerary inscription for Kallimorphos
12.1004. Funerary inscription for Athiktos
12.1007. Testament of Attalos Adrastos
12.1016. Funerary inscription for Publius Aelius Aurelius
12.1020. Honours for Ulpia Carminia Claudiana
12.1207. Fragment from dedication.
12.1211. Gladiator memorial for familia of M. Antonius Apellas Severinos
13.101. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Tate, also called Epithymia
13.104. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Meltine
13.108. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Zotike and her father
13.109. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Alexandros and Aurelia Tatia
13.110. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Apollonios and his son
13.111. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Zotikos son of Dionysios
13.112. Funerary inscription for M. Aur. Polychronios Charmides
13.126. Funerary fragment
13.145. Funerary formula
13.149. Funerary formula from sarcophagus
13.154. Funerary inscription for Menippos
13.156. Funerary inscription for Antonius Antiochos and Antonia Eiphianassa
13.205. Honours for [Julius] Aurelius Charidemos
13.309. Epitaph of Philosophia
13.501. Funerary verse for Zenon son of Artemidoros
13.604. Funerary inscription for Aemilius Aristeas
13.610. Funerary fragment
14.16. Funerary verse for Stephanos
14.18. Honours for ? T. Cl. Aur. Zelos
14.19. Funerary inscription for Tatia
15.5. Funerary inscription of Aurelia Dionysia
15.8. Funerary fragment
15.10. Honours
15.101. Votive to Hekate Euantetos
15.102. Invocation
15.202. Dedication of images of Erotes
15.217. Votive offering to Kore by Alexandros
15.240. Votive offering to Asklepios
15.245. Funerary inscription for Adrastos Polychronios
15.261. Posthumous honours for Diogenes son of Menandros
15.263. Honours for Menogenes Glykon
15.319. Honours for Tib. Cl. [Apollonios] Aurelianos
15.330. Letter of a curator, ?M. Ulpius Appuleius Eurykles, to the Aphrodisians
15.347. Funerary verse for Claudia
15.352. Dedication from a church ( building inscription )
15.353. Invocation
15.357. Epitaph of Eutychia
15.362. Funerary verse for Euphemia
15.364. Honours for anonymus, son of Menandros, boy pankratiast
12.921. Report by a curator rei publicae concerning funds for contests
4.308. Dedication and restoration of statues after an earthquake, authorised by Trajan, undertaken by Kallikrates Grypos.
8.86. Restoration of statues by Grypos
9.1. Building restoration dedicated to Aphrodite and emperors
12.402. Restoration of the honours for his ancestor by Kallikrates
13.116. Restoration, by Kallikrates of the dedication made by his ancestors