All identifiable inscriptions listed by category of text; items may have multiple categories.

pavement designs
2.401. Gameboard and pavement designs, Bishop's Palace
4.6. Pavement designs and place inscriptions, South Agora pool
5.1. Pavement designs and an acclamation
8.401. Tetrastoon: pavement designs
8.601. Pavement designs
place inscription
1.11. Place inscription of Loukas, philoponus
1.35. Place inscription of Tryphon, chief decanus
1.301. i. Letter from a Roman official (a curator) to Aphrodisias. ii Place inscription of Kyriakos, trouser-maker
1.402. Place inscription of Heptamenios et al.
1.506. Place inscription of mydrostasia
?3.5. Place inscription of Philippos
4.6. Pavement designs and place inscriptions, South Agora pool
4.7. i: Place inscription of Eugraphios phylarchos; ii: Place inscription of Zotikos
?4.8. Place inscription of Kes
?4.9. Place inscription of Zotikos, peddlar
?4.14. Place inscription of Mos
?4.15. Place inscription of Kallinikos
?4.16. Place inscription of Theoktistos
?4.17. Place inscription of Theoktistos
4.18. Place inscription of Ioannes
5.11. Place inscription of Epiktetos, cloakroom-attendant
5.12. i. Fragment of verse . ii. Place inscription of Synodios
?8.8. Place inscription of Philistion
?8.9. Place inscription of Pardalas, mimologos
8.15. Place inscription of archeologoi
?8.16. Place inscription of Autolykos
?8.17. Place inscription of Kapuras and Philologos
?8.18. Place inscription of Neikanor
?8.19. Place inscription of Bassos; invocation
?8.20. Place inscriptions of Ioulianos and Bassos
?8.21. Place inscription of Demetrios, homerist
?8.22. Place inscription of a biologos
8.255. Place inscription for Aelius Benouseinos
?8.265. Reserved benches for associations
8.402. Place inscription of people of Hierapolis
?8.403. Place inscription of people of Hierapolis
8.507. Place inscription of Heortasios
?8.602. Place inscription of Aelianos
8.605. Place inscription of Alexandros, barber
8.606. Place inscription of Theodoros
8.608. i. Verse honours for Doulkitios from Balerianos; ii. Place inscription
?12.9. Place inscription for Hypsikles
?12.516. Place inscription of Philotheos
?12.718. Place inscriptions of Leon and Philippos
15.221. Place inscription
posthumous honours
1.160. Posthumous honours for Dionysios, and a foundation
7.8. Posthumous honours for Lykidas Zenon
11.2. ?Posthumous honours
11.6. Posthumous honours for Papylos son of Iason
11.18. Posthumous honours for M. Quintilius Pedukaios
11.22. Posthumous honours for Zenon son of Zenon
?11.23. Posthumous honours for nios, who has established a foundation
11.68. Verse posthumous honours, apparently , for Asclepiodotus
11.508. Posthumous honours for Muon and Peritas
12.3. Posthumous honours for Nikoteimos Hierax
12.4. Posthumous honours for Adrastos son of Nikotimos
12.5. Posthumous honours for Ammia daughter of Attalos
12.28. Posthumous honours for Tiberius Claudius Ktesias, who established a foundation
12.30. Posthumous honours for Aelius Claudius . . .
12.104. Posthumous honours for Theodotos son of Andronikos
12.105. Posthumous honours for C. Julius Potitianοs and for Antonia Flaviane
12.203. Posthumous honours for Attinas son of Theodoros
12.307. Posthumous honours for Dionysios son of Artemidoros
12.308. Posthumous honours for Adrastos son of Nikotimos
12.312. Posthumous honours for Attalos son of Makedon
12.325. Posthumous honours for M. Fl. Antonius Lysimachos
12.518. Posthumous honours for Claudia Tryphosa Paulina
12.537. Posthumous honours for anonymous, son of Tryphon
12.609. Posthumous honours for Apphia daughter of Theodoros
12.1006. Posthumous honours for Iason son of Menodotos
12.1019. Posthumous honours for Tiberius Cl(audius) Antonius [Am]mianos
13.5. Posthumous honours for Demetrios son of Pyrrhos Papias
13.6. Posthumous honours for Pyrrhos son of Pyrrhos
13.7. Posthumous honours for Pyrrhos Papias son of Zenon
13.401. Honours, perhaps funerary, for Julianos and Flavia Apphia Iuliane
13.701. Posthumous honours for Epicharmos son of Chrysaor
15.261. Posthumous honours for Diogenes son of Menandros
15.262. Posthumous honours for Titus Flavius Apollinarios
15.321. Posthumous honours for M. Aur. Attalos
1.17. Fragment of donor's prayer
?1.3. Prayer of the builders
1.12. Prayer of Theodoretos and Kyriakos
1.13. Prayer of donors, including Theodoretos and Kyriakos
1.14. Prayer of Anastasios, donor
?1.15. Prayer of Anastasios, donor
1.16. Prayer of donor
1.19. Prayer of Asterios
1.20. Prayer of Theodoros
1.21. Prayers on West Door of Temple-Church (south)
1.22. Prayers on West Door of Temple-Church (north)
1.23. Prayer of/to Michael
?1.24. Name: Stephanos, subdeacon ( prayer/invocation )
1.25. Names: Stephanos and Leon (prayer/invocation)
1.26. Name, Philippos (prayer/invocation)
?1.27. Name
?1.28. Michael: name or invocation
1.29. Prayer of Leon
?1.30. Name: Onesimos ( prayer/invocation )
?1.31. Invocation
1.32. Names
1.33. Graffiti: names and prayers
1.34. Graffiti: names and prayers
1.36. Prayer on column: Temple-Church
1.193. Warning against approaching the bema (verse); invocations
?1.194. Graffiti: prayer/invocation
1.405. Prayer
2.402. Graffiti: Prayers and names
4.310. i. Verse honours for Anthemios; ii. Invocation
?5.122. Donor prayer from a church
8.110. Invocation
8.269. Invocation
8.603. Prayer
11.64. Prayer of Damocharis, cursor
?11.67. Name
?11.111. Invocation
11.225. Prayer of Theodoros, 'the Bell'
11.516. Text at an entrance
12.401. Invocations
15.102. Invocation
15.353. Invocation
1.193. Warning against approaching the bema (verse); invocations
5.4. Warning against theft
5.102. Warning against theft from the Baths
8.607. Warning against theft
12.328. Warning against throwing earth
12.510. Prohibition
?15.201. Sewer cover warning against filth