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Inscriptions by findspot


89. Acclamation for Theopompus, magnificentissimus, pater civitiatis
107. Church donor's inscription
226. Panel fragment


235. Building inscription by Fl. Constantius, governor
253. Honours for P. Aelius Septimius Mannus, governor

'Bishop's Palace'

35. Flavius Septimius a benefactor
60. Building inscription of bishop Euphemius
134. Graffiti: Prayers and names
177. Epitaph of Rufinianus
220. Fragment of a Latin text
222. Table/dish fragment
223. Table fragment


13. Dedication by Flavius Andronicus
28. Building inscription of Antonius Priscus
43. Ampelius, father of the city, restores the 'palaestra'
56. Epigram for Pytheas
162. Funerary verse for Arcimus
214. Storage jar of Polychronius
222. Table/dish fragment
224. Table/dish fragment
225. Table/dish fragment
228. Fragment of building inscription

City walls

3. Honours for a son of Gallienus
5. Honours for M. Aurelius Diogenes
6. Honours for M. Aurelius Diogenes
9. Dedication for Emperors and Caesars
19. Dedication to Constantius II and a Caesar by Fl. Quint. Eros Monaxius
22. Honours for Flavius Constantius, governor, for building the wall; 42. Flavius Ampelius restores the gate
109. Dedicator's prayer
112. Warning against throwing earth
139. Invocations
140. Invocation for Constantius
209. Place inscription of Philotheus
210. Cross-monograms
211. Place inscriptions of Leo and Philip

Hadrianic Baths

11. Dedication by Flavius Zeno
12. Dedication (post mortem) by Flavius Zeno
14. Honours for a comes
18. Building inscription of Helladius
23. Honours for Aelia Flaccilla
24. Verse honours for Menander, vicar
25. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianus honours Honorius
27. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianus honours Valentinian II
33. Verse honours for Eupeithius
37. Tatianus, governor, restores the statue of Tatianus, PPO; verse
48. Ioannes undertakes restoration works in the Hadrianic Baths
49. Building works in the Hadrianic Baths
50. Flavius - undertakes building works in the Hadrianic Baths
51. Flavius E undertakes building works in the Hadrianic Baths
52. Restoration work in the Hadrianic Baths
58. Building inscription of Pytheas, in verse
61. Acclamations for imperial family, and a New Theodosius
67. Dionysius, doctor, undertakes building works in the Hadrianic Baths
68. Fl. Photius gives a gameboard
69. Fl. Photius gives a gameboard
70. -etus, exceptor, gives a gameboard
74. Verse honours for Hermias, benefactor
85. First honours for Rhodopaeus, in verse
86. Second honours for Rhodopaeus
88. Eugenius is honoured by the boule
190. Place inscription of Epictetus, cloakroom-attendant
233. Fragment of verse 234. Place inscription of Synodius
238. Flavius Photius gives a gameboard
240. Donor prayer from a church
252. Dedication by Flavius Palladius

North Agora

29. Fl. Pelagius Ioannes gives a column
30. Menander, curialis, gives a column
31. Verse honours for Oecumenius; 254. Invocation
32. The Phrygian Metropolis honours Alexander, in verse
198. Place inscription of Philippos

North Temenos House

8. Verse honours for a governor
46. Eustochius, responsible for building work
47. Eustochius, responsible for building work


1. Letter of Valerian and Gallienus
102. Monogram of Theochares, donor
108. Dedicatory poem, church of SS. Barbara and Anastasia
110. Dedicatory poem
168. Epitaph of Cyriacus, priest
227. Panel fragment
242. Fragment of funerary verse

South Agora

7. Honours for T. Oppius Aelianus Asclepiodotus
17. Building inscription of Helladius
26. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianus honours Arcadius
36. Verse honours for Anthemius;144. Invocation
38. 39. & 40. Verse honours for Ampelius, father of the city, and Dulcitius, governor, on the Agora Gate
66. Philip, admirandissimus, pays for work in the South Agora
82. Verse honours for Albinus
83. Acclamations for Albinus, clarissimus; 84. Acclamation for the city
95. Prayer of Anastasius, donor
186. Acclamations of the Greens, the City and the Blues
199. Place inscription of Mus
200. Place inscription of Callinicus
201. i: Place inscription of Eugraphios phylarchos; ii: Place inscription of Zoticus
202. Place inscription of Theoctistus
203. Place inscription of Kes
204. Place inscription of Theoctistus
205. Place inscription of Ioannes
206. Place inscription of Zoticus. peddlar


4. Honours for Licinius Valerianus
16. Verse honours for Helladius
73. Verse honours for John, leader of the Council
92. Prayer of Theodoretus and Cyriacus
93. Prayer of donors, including Theodoretus and Cyriacus
94. Prayer of Anastasius, donor
96. Prayer of donor
97. Fragment of donor's prayer
98. Anatolius, donor
99. Fragments from a poem decorating a feature in the Temple-Church
100. Dedicatory poem
107. Church donor's inscription
113. Prayer of Asterius
114. Prayer of Theodore
117. Prayers on West Door of Temple-Church (south)
118. Prayers on West Door of Temple-Church (north)
119. Prayer of/to Michael
120. Name: Stephen, subdeacon
121. Names: Stephen and Leo
122. Name, Philip
123. Name
124. Michael: name or invocation
125. Prayer of Leo
126. Name: Onesimus
127. Invocation
128. Prayer of the builders
129. Warning against approaching the bema; invocations
130. Graffito
131. Names
132. Graffiti: names and prayers
133. Graffiti: names and prayers
159. Fragment of funerary verse
175. Epitaph of Asclepiodotus
187. Place inscription of Lucas, philoponus
188. Place inscription of Tryphon, chief decanus
189. Place inscription of Cyriacus, trouser-maker
217. Inscriptions with game-boards
241. Prayer on column: Temple-Church


72. Fl. Epiphanius Hermias and others make a benefaction
110. Dedicatory poem
152. Epitaph of Victorinus, praefectus vehiculorum
184. Acclamation of the Greens
185. Monogram acclamation of the Greens
207. Place inscription of Heptamenius et al.
208. Place inscription of mydrostasia
245. Building inscription
248. Prayer


20. Honours for Julian by Antonius Tatianus
41. Verse honours for Dulcitius from Valerianus; 194. Place inscription
62. The city honours Fl. Palmatus, governor
64. Verse honours for a governor
77. Fragmentary acclamations
195. Place inscription of Heortasius
196. Place inscription of men of Hierapolis
197. Place inscription of men of Hierapolis
213. List of commodities
249. Sundial


2. Honours for Cornelia Salonina
15. Honours for an amicus principum
21. Honours for Valens by Antonius Tatianus
34. Verse honours for Androcles, a benefactor
59. Acclamations of Mardaetus and of the Pytheanitae
65. The city honours Vitianus, governor
75. Acclamations for ?governors
76. Fragmentary acclamations
78. Fragmentary acclamations
81. Honours for an Emperor, Justinian
90. Orthagoras, bishop, undertakes building work
104. Dedication, to a saint
108. Dedicatory poem, church of SS. Barbara and Anastasia
111. Warning against theft
135. Invocation
136. Invocation
156. Funerary verse, for Jordanes
163. Epitaph of Athanasius
174. Epitaph of Theodocius
176. Epitaph of Polychronius
212. Reserved benches for associations
221. Table/dish fragment with numerals
229. Fragment of building inscription.

Theatre Baths

44. Ampelius, father of the city, undertakes restoration work in the Theatre Baths
57. Building inscription of Pytheas, in verse
142. Prayer
143. Acclamation
191. Place inscription of Alexander, barber
192. Place inscription of Theodore
193. Place inscription of Aelianus

Triconch Church

100. Dedicatory poem
101. Monogram capitals from the Triconch Church

Miscellaneous or unknown

10. Dedication by Flavius Eusebius
45. Verse honours for John, governor of Caria
53. Verse honours for Asclepiodotus
54. Funerary verse, for Asclepiodotus
55. Acclamation for Pytheas
63. The Carians honour Palmatus, in verse
71. Anonymous, magnificentissimus, gives a gameboard
79. Acclamation for Scholasticius
87. Third statue for Rhodopaeus
91. Theophylact, imperial judge, witnesses a document
103. Monograms of donors, Mamas and Pakos
105. Dedication from a church
106. Heliodorus, builder or donor
115. Prayer of Theodore, 'the Bell'
116. Prayer of Damocharis, cursor
141. Invocation
145. Invocation
146. Invocation
147. Epitaphs of anonymus, tabernarius, and of Euarestus
148. Epitaph of Aurelia Dionysia
149. Epitaph of MMM. Aurrr. Peritianus, Eutyches and Heracleus
150. Epitaph of Vitus, also called Asterius, cursor of the phylae
151. Epitaph of M. Aur. Leontius Auchenius and M. Aur. Papias Polychronius
153. Funerary verse, for Claudia
154. Funerary verse, for a girl, Thea
155. Funerary verse, for Stephanus
157. Funerary verse, for Euphemia
158. Funerary verse, for Macedonius
160. Fragment of funerary verse
161. Fragment of funerary verse
164. Epitaph of Philosophia
165. Epitaph of Theopropius, bishop
166. Epitaph of Theopropius, bishop
167. Epitaph of bishop of Stratonicaea
169. Epitaph of Theodorus, ceromatitites
170. Epitaph of Charito
171. Epitaph of John and others
172. Epitaph of Eutychia
173. Epitaph of Nicolaus
215. Storage jar
216. Sewer cover
219. Text at an entrance
232. Fragment of building inscription
236. Building inscription from a church of St. Michael
237. Epitaph of Epiphanius, bull-rearer
239. Donor prayer from a church
243. Epitaph of Zoetus
244. Monogram inscription
246. Fragment of building inscription
247. Name
250. Funerary verse for Pytheas
251. Titles on philosopher portraits

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