All inscriptions sorted by date: few inscriptions are securely datable, most are therefore listed under the centuries in which they may have originated.

    First century AD
    1.1. Boundary marker, set up by C. Julius Zoilos
    ?1.3. Prayer of the builders
    1.4. Column dedication by Eumachos and Amias
    1.5. Column dedication by Eumachos and Ammias
    1.6. Column dedication by Eumachos and Amias
    1.7. Column dedication by Attalos and Attalis
    1.8. Column dedication by Attalos and Attalis
    1.38. Boundary marker, set up by C. Julius Zoilos
    1.102. Building dedication to the Divine Augustus by Eusebes son of Menandros
    ?1.105. Fragment from Temple
    ?1.106. Fragment, 1st A.D./1st B.C., from Temple
    ?1.110. Fragment, first century A.D., from Temple
    ?1.111. Fragment of a panel from Temple
    ?1.112. Fragment of honours, from Temple
    ?1.113. Revetment fragment, from Temple
    ?1.114. Fragment from Temple
    ?1.115. Fragment of inscribed slab in Temple
    1.116. Fragmentary honours from Temple
    1.117. Fragmentary honours from Temple
    1.118. Honours for anonymous, overseen by Marcus Aurelius Zenas
    1.119. Fragment of honours from Temple
    ?1.120. Funerary fragment from Temple
    1.121. Fragment, undated, from Temple
    ?1.122. Fragment from Temple area
    1.123. Funerary inscription for Attalos son of Adrastos
    1.124. Honours for Molossos
    ?1.125. Fragmentary honours
    1.126. Fragmentary honours
    1.127. Fragment
    1.128. Honours for son of Hypsikles son of Hypsikles
    1.129. Fragment from Temple
    1.130. Funerary panel for Threptos and Ariston
    1.501. Panel fragment
    2.2. Invocation of Ourania
    2.3. Graffiti: insults and acclamations
    2.4. Graffiti on plaster
    2.5. Graffiti on plaster
    ?2.103. Sarcophagus fragment with mason's mark
    2.104. Fragment from Bouleuterion/Odeon
    2.105. Fragment
    2.302. Fragment, Augustan date, from Odeon area
    2.303. Building inscription by [—]nius Lysias
    ?2.304. Fragment of honours
    ?2.504. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
    2.505. Fragment, of honours
    ?2.507. Column dedication for the neoi
    ?2.508. Funerary honours for Kastor son of Menekrates
    2.509. Panel fragment
    2.510. Fragment of seat from West Bouleuterion
    2.511. Fragment of monumental revetment
    2.512. Revetment fragment
    2.513. Revetment fragment
    2.514. Revetment fragment
    2.515. Fragment
    ?2.516. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
    2.701. Building dedication for Aphrodite
    2.702. Sculptor's signature of Apollonios Aster
    ?2.703. Sculptor's signature
    2.704. Fragment, loose near Bouleuterion
    3.2. Building inscription by priest of Libertas
    ?3.3. Building dedication to a god
    3.101. Honours for Marcus and Publius Vinicius
    3.102. Building inscription
    4.2. Graffito illustrating munera
    4.3. Building dedication to an emperor
    4.4. Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors
    4.101. Honours for an anonymous benefactor, ?Solon son of Demetrios
    4.102. Fragment from South Agora
    4.103. Fragment from the South Agora
    ?4.104. Gladiator memorial for familia of Tiberius Claudius Pauleinos
    4.105. Fragment from South Agora
    4.106. Panel fragment
    ?4.107. Panel fragment
    4.108. Fragment, from caryatid dedication .
    4.109. Dedication to Aphrodite
    4.301. Honours for anonymous
    ?4.302. Sculptor's signature: Menodotos
    ?4.303. Sculptor's signature of Apellas
    4.304. Latin funerary inscription
    5.6. Building dedication of the Eusebian Bath to the Emperors and Aphrodite
    ?5.101. Honours for Gaius Julius Zoilos
    5.103. Revetment fragment
    5.104. Fragment from Hadrianic Baths
    5.105. Revetment fragment
    5.106. Revetment fragment
    5.107. Monumental revetment fragment
    5.108. Dedication of image of the Hours by Zenon and Apphia
    5.109. Dedication of image of the Hours by Zenon and Apphia
    ?5.110. Fragment, stray
    5.201. Column dedication to Patris by Attalos Andron son of Peritas
    5.203. Fragment, from caryatid dedication
    6.1. Titles for relief sculptures
    ?6.2. Building dedication for Titus
    7.1. Mason's mark
    7.3. ?Fragment mentioning a M. Aur(elius) ?
    7.4. Funerary inscription for Elpides
    7.5. Fragment
    ?7.6. Fragment of stele
    7.7. Funerary fragment
    7.8. Posthumous honours for Lykidas Zenon
    8.1. i. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Demos; ii. Invocation to Ourania; iii. Acclamation for the City
    8.6. Acclamation for Ourania
    8.7. Acclamation for Ourania
    8.8. Place inscription of Philistion
    8.9. Place inscription of Pardalas, mimologos
    8.10. Graffiti on Theatre stage building
    8.11. Graffiti of a pyrrhic dancer
    8.12. Graffiti on Theatre stage
    8.13. Graffiti in doorway
    ?8.14. Building inscription of Molosseon
    8.15. Place inscription of archeologoi
    8.16. Place inscription of Autolykos
    8.17. Place inscription of Kapuras and Philologos
    8.18. Place inscription of Neikanor
    8.19. Place inscription of Bassos; invocation
    8.20. Place inscriptions of Ioulianos and Bassos
    8.21. Place inscription of Demetrios, homerist
    8.22. Place inscription of a biologos
    8.23. Honours for T. Claudius Diogenes
    8.33. Letter: subscript of Trajan to Smyrna
    8.52. Statue dedication of a statue of Demos by Nikomachos and Menodotos.
    8.108. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
    8.111. Building inscription by Aristokles [Molossos] son of Ar[temidoros]
    8.112. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
    8.113. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
    ?8.202. Sculptor's signature of Menippos
    8.204. Fragment from Theatre
    8.205. Revetment fragment
    ?8.207. Votive offering to Zeus
    8.211. Statue dedication of Hygeia to emperors
    8.212. Dedication by Gaius Volousios, mime actor
    8.213. Fragment
    8.214. Sundial fragment
    8.215. Fragment from Theatre
    ?8.216. Frieze fragment
    8.217. Fragment of honours
    8.218. Revetment fragment
    8.219. Fragment from Theatre
    8.220. Sculptor's signature
    8.221. Fragment from Theatre
    8.222. Monumental fragments
    8.223. Fragment from Theatre
    8.224. Revetment fragment
    8.225. Fragment from theatre
    8.226. Fragment from Theatre
    ?8.227. Dedication on behalf of Marsyas
    ?8.228. Statue dedication of Aphrodite
    8.229. Funerary formula
    8.230. Funerary fragment
    8.231. Fragmentary honours for an emperor
    8.232. Fragmentary honours
    8.233. Building dedication for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
    8.234. Cornice fragment
    8.235. Honours for Lucius Antonius Ze
    8.236. Honours for Domitian
    ?8.502. Sundial fragments
    8.503. ?Title for a statue of the Council
    ?8.504. Funerary inscription for Menekles son of Dionysios son of Epainetos
    8.701. Funerary inscription for Eirenion, gladiator
    8.702. Fragment fom Theatre Baths
    8.703. Fragment from Theatre Baths
    8.704. Revetment fragment, honours
    8.705. Moulding fragment
    ?8.706. Monumental revetment fragment
    8.901. Fragment
    8.902. Fragment from Acropolis
    8.903. Funerary for Dionysios K
    9.1. Building restoration dedicated to Aphrodite and emperors
    9.2. Title for image of people of the Rhaeti
    9.3. Title for image of people of the Trumpilini
    9.4. Title for image of the Arabs
    9.5. Title for image of the Egyptians
    9.6. Title for image of Hemera
    9.7. Title for image of Ocean
    9.8. Title for image of Crete
    9.9. Title of image of People of the Bessi
    9.10. Title for image of Cyprus
    9.11. Title for image of Sicily
    9.12. Title for image of People of the Judaeans
    9.13. Title for image of Armenia
    9.14. Title for images of Armenia and Nero
    9.15. Title for images of Rome and Earth
    9.16. Title for image of Victory of the Augusti
    9.17. Title for image of people of the Callaeci
    9.18. Title for image of people of the Pirousti
    ?9.19. Honours for anonymous, high-priest
    9.20. Title for image of the people of the Dacians
    9.21. Title for image of people of the Bosporoi
    9.22. Title for image of People of the Iapodes
    9.23. Title for image of People of the Andizetoi
    9.24. Title for image of people of the Dardanoi
    9.25. Building dedication of Sebasteion portico for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
    9.26. Honours for Antonia Augusta
    9.27. Honours for Lucius Caesar
    9.28. Honours for Drusus Caesar
    9.29. Honours for Gaius Caesar
    9.30. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Drusus
    9.31. Honours for Julia, daughter of Drusus
    9.32. Honours for Agrippina, daughter of Germanicus
    9.33. Honours for Marcus Lepidus
    9.34. Honours for Aphrodite ancestress of the Augusti
    9.35. Honours for Aeneas
    9.36. Honours for Aemilia Lepida
    9.37. Honours for Agrippina
    9.38. Honours for Germanicus Caesar
    9.39. Honours for Julia Augusta as Hera
    9.40. Honours for Atia mother of Augustus
    9.41. Title for images of Claudius and Britannia
    9.42. Title for images of Nero and Helios
    9.101. Funerary fragment
    9.102. Funerary fragment
    9.103. Funerary fragment
    9.104. Funerary fragment
    9.105. ? Funerary fragment
    9.106. Fragment, perhaps funerary
    9.107. Fragment
    9.108. Funerary fragment
    9.109. Fragment, first/second century, from Sebasteion
    9.110. Fragment
    9.111. Dedication to a benefactor
    9.112. Building dedication to Tiberius and Livia
    9.113. Sculptor's signature: Koblanos
    ?9.114. Fragment of funerary verse
    11.3. Dedication by Dionysios on behalf of Ammia
    ?11.4. Honours for Panphilos Krokion
    11.5. Honours for Papulos, contest-president
    11.6. Posthumous honours for Papylos son of Iason
    11.7. Funerary fragment
    11.8. Funerary for Attalos son of Menippos
    11.9. Fragment
    ?11.10. Funerary inscription for Alypos
    11.11. Funerary inscription for Menandros
    11.12. Funerary inscription for Titus Flavius
    ?11.13. Fragment of honours
    11.14. Fragmentary honours
    ?11.15. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Diogenes
    11.16. Honours for Adrastos
    11.17. Honours for Eusebes son of Menandros
    ?11.18. Posthumous honours for M. Quintilius Pedukaios
    11.49. Honours for Apollonios son of Eidaios
    11.102. Funerary fragment
    11.103. Funerary inscription for Tiberius Claudius Diadoumenos
    ?11.104. Honours for an emperor, Augustus Germanicus
    11.207. Heading for a document
    11.208. Funerary inscription for a baker
    11.209. Fragment from Water Channel
    11.210. Relief panel illustrating munera
    11.211. Funerary fragment
    11.212. Titles for images on the funerary monument of Zoilos
    ?11.301. Statue dedication by Kallikrates
    11.302. Building dedication to Demos by Eupolemos son of Artemidoros
    11.303. Fragment
    11.304. Fragment, first /second century
    ?11.401. Statue and altar dedication by Titus Flavius Staberianos, doctor
    ?11.402. Funerary fragment; I cent., from stone dump
    11.403. Funerary inscription for Zenon
    ?11.404. Honours for Ateimetos Petignas
    11.405. Honours for a priest of Athena Polias
    11.406. Fragment
    ?11.407. Building dedication to Aphrodite
    11.408. Honours for anonymous
    11.501. Gladiator memorial for Secundus
    11.502. Gladiator memorial for Menandros, bestiarius
    11.503. Gladiator memorial for [ . . .]pes, bestiarius
    11.504. Fragment
    11.505. Funerary fragment
    11.506. Funerary fragment
    11.507. Gladiator memorial for familia of Zenon Hypsikles
    11.508. Posthumous honours for Muon and Peritas
    12.2. Honours for an anonymous contest-president
    12.3. Posthumous honours for Nikoteimos Hierax
    12.4. Posthumous honours for Adrastos son of Nikotimos
    12.5. Posthumous honours for Ammia daughter of Attalos
    12.6. Funerary inscription for anonymous
    12.7. Title for images of the Graces
    12.8. Building inscription by Claudia
    12.9. Place inscription for Hypsikles
    12.10. Title for images of Troilos and Achilles
    12.11. Title for image of Nero Drusus Augustus Caesar
    ?12.12. Honours probably for Kallikrates son of Molossos
    12.13. Gladiator memorial for Patroklos
    12.104. Posthumous honours for Theodotos son of Andronikos
    ?12.105. Posthumous honours for C. Julius Potitianοs and for Antonia Flaviane
    12.201. Decree of honours for Pereitas
    12.202. Honours for Adrastos son of Adrastos, sacred victor
    12.203. Posthumous honours for Attinas son of Theodoros
    12.204. Dedication of statues by Artemidoros Pedisas
    12.205. Consolatory decree for Tatia Attalis
    12.206. Decree of honours for Attinas Meliton
    12.207. Consolatory decree , on death of Titus Antonius Lysimachos Grypos
    ?12.302. Building inscription, late Hellenistic
    ?12.303. Funerary fragment
    ?12.303. Funerary fragment
    12.305. Dedication by M. Iulius Attalos, imperial freedman, to Aphrodite, the imperial house, and the Senate and People of Rome.
    ?12.306. Funerary honours for Hermias Glykon, his wife Apphia, and their daughter Apphia
    12.307. Posthumous honours for Dionysios son of Artemidoros
    12.308. Posthumous honours for Adrastos son of Nikotimos
    12.309. Consolatory decree , on death of Apphia daughter of Timotheos
    12.310. List of names or graffiti
    12.311. Funerary inscription and honours for Attalos son of Attalos
    ?12.312. Posthumous honours for Attalos son of Makedon
    ?12.313. Funerary inscription for Liburnos son of Diotrephes
    12.314. Building dedication under Domitian.
    12.402. Restoration of the honours for his ancestor by Kallikrates
    12.403. Funerary honours by Artemeis for her brother Bacchios
    12.404. Building dedication s, by Antipatros and by Dionysios, to Demos
    12.409. Funerary inscription for Flavia Apphia
    12.410. Honours for Mithridates son of Athenagoras
    12.411. Funerary inscription for T. Aelius Epaphrodeitos
    12.412. Funerary inscription for Gnaeus Pollius Zenon
    12.413. Honours for anonymous, having held every office in the city
    ?12.414. Funerary inscription for Hermas son of Nardos
    12.503. Building dedication to Demos
    12.504. Building dedication to Demos
    12.507. Funerary inscription for Genethlios
    12.508. Funerary inscription for Apollonios
    12.509. Funerary inscription for anonymi
    12.510. Prohibition
    ?12.511. Fragmentary honours
    12.512. Honours for Teimokles
    12.513. Honours for Diogeneia
    12.514. Honours for Emperor Tiberius
    12.515. Statue dedication for emperor Claudius
    ?12.516. Place inscription of Philotheos
    12.517. Funerary inscription for Kallikrates
    ?12.518. Posthumous honours for Claudia Tryphosa Paulina
    ?12.519. Honours for Myon Menandros
    ?12.602. Funerary honours for Geis and Heraios
    ?12.603. Fragmentary honours (I cent)
    12.604. Funerary fragment (I-II cent)
    12.605. Fragment from a decree
    12.606. Fragment from south walls
    12.607. Fragment from Walls
    12.608. Funerary fragment
    12.609. Posthumous honours for Apphia daughter of Theodoros
    ?12.610. Funerary for son of Menodotos son of Neikoteimos
    12.611. Funerary inscription for Flavius
    12.612. Decree of honours for Dionysios son of Papylos
    ?12.613. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Hierokles
    12.614. Honours for Titus Caesar
    12.615. Gladiator memorial for Skirtos
    12.702. Funerary inscription for Hermolaos
    12.703. Dedication of trapeza by Kallikrates son of Molossos
    12.704. Consolatory decree for three brothers
    12.705. Honours for anonymous
    ?12.706. Honours for Aristokles Molossos
    ?12.707. Honours for Tryphe
    ?12.801. Funerary inscription for Aba
    12.802. Honours for female stephanephorus
    12.803. Decree of honours for Aristokles Molossos
    12.902. Statue dedication to the Emperor
    12.905. Honours for Artemon
    12.906. Funerary fragment
    12.907. Fragmentary honours
    ?12.908. Funerary inscription for Achilleus
    12.909. Funerary inscription for Julius Aurelius Charidemos Ioulianos
    12.1003. Funerary inscription for Kallimorphos
    12.1004. Funerary inscription for Athiktos
    ?12.1005. Funerary fragment
    ?12.1006. Posthumous honours for Iason son of Menodotos
    12.1007. Testament of Attalos Adrastos
    12.1101. Funerary inscription for Philoxenos Panther
    12.1102. Honours for Sokrates son of Theophrastos
    ?12.1103. Fragmentary honours for anonymous
    ?12.1104. Decree of honours for anonymous
    ?12.1202. Honours for Menekrates
    12.1203. Building inscription fragment
    12.1204. Funerary inscription for anonymous
    12.1205. Funerary inscription for Hermogenes son of Menodoros
    ?12.1206. Fragment from honours
    12.1207. Fragment from dedication.
    13.9. Imprecation formula from funerary text
    13.10. Fragment, funerary
    13.116. Restoration, by Kallikrates of the dedication made by his ancestors
    ?13.117. Honours for anonymous
    13.118. Monumental revetment fragment
    13.119. Votive dedication by children of Hermias
    ?13.120. Funerary inscription for Artemidoros son of Artemidoros
    13.121. Funerary inscription for ? and Antonia Kalliniane
    ?13.122. Fragment (of honours ) from city walls
    ?13.301. Funerary honours for Neaira and Metrodoros
    ?13.301. Funerary honours for Neaira and Metrodoros
    13.302. Funerary honours for Kallippos, Athenagoras and
    13.303. Funerary inscription for Ti. Claudius Achilleus
    ?13.401. Honours, perhaps funerary, for Julianos and Flavia Apphia Iuliane
    13.504. Funerary fragment
    13.601. Funerary fragment
    13.605. Funerary inscription for okles son of Diogenes
    13.606. Funerary fragment; reused, undated
    13.607. Funerary fragment from nr. West Gate
    ?13.608. Funerary fragment
    13.609. Edict of Silius Italicus, proconsul
    13.610. Funerary fragment
    ?13.701. Posthumous honours for Epicharmos son of Chrysaor
    ?14.1. Building inscription fragment, undated.
    14.5. Gladiator memorial
    14.6. Funerary inscription of Peritas, on base or altar;
    14.7. Funerary inscription for Adrastos and Rhodine
    15.1. Funerary inscription of Alk[ . . .]
    15.2. Fragmentary honours
    15.3. Fragment
    15.4. Fragment
    ?15.101. Votive to Hekate Euantetos
    15.211. Building inscription fragment, I B.C./I A.D.
    15.212. Building inscription fragment, I B.C./I A.D.
    15.215. Fragment
    ?15.218. Circular fragment, stray
    ?15.219. Fragment from honours (or funerary) for Attalos
    ?15.220. Fragment
    ?15.221. Place inscription
    15.222. Fragment from a funerary document
    15.223. Fragment of relief
    15.224. Fragment
    15.225. Gladiator memorial
    15.226. Relief panel illustrating munera
    15.227. Relief panel illustrating munera
    15.228. Relief panel illustrating munera
    15.229. Fragment
    15.230. Fragment
    15.231. Fragment
    15.232. Sculpture fragment
    15.233. Fragment
    15.234. Fragment, Byzantine
    15.235. Relief, funerary fragment
    15.236. ?Honours for anonymous
    15.237. Fragment, stray
    15.238. Fragment, stray
    15.239. Fragment, undated, stray find
    15.240. Votive offering to Asklepios
    ?15.241. Funerary fragment, I-II cent.
    15.242. Funerary fragment
    ?15.243. Fragment
    15.244. Funerary inscription for Heraklide, Thyodora, and Meltine
    15.245. Funerary inscription for Adrastos Polychronios
    15.246. Funerary inscription for anonymous
    15.247. Funerary fragment
    15.248. Funerary inscription for Apollonios
    ?15.249. Funerary monument for Apollonios
    15.250. Funerary fragment
    15.251. Funerary fragment
    15.252. Funerary fragment
    15.253. Funerary fragment
    15.254. Fragments
    15.255. Fragment
    ?15.256. Fragment from honours
    15.257. Fragmentary honours
    15.258. Honours for anonymous
    15.259. Fragment
    15.260. Honours for Attalis Apphion
    15.261. Posthumous honours for Diogenes son of Menandros
    15.262. Posthumous honours for Titus Flavius Apollinarios
    15.263. Honours for Menogenes Glykon
    15.264. Panel fragment
    15.265. Fragmentary honours
    ?15.266. Honours or dedication
    15.267. Gladiator memorial
    15.268. Funerary fragment
    ?15.269. Honours for Calpurnius Pauleinos and Flavia Pythodoris